"Sharing the love Woongja taught me with other dogs is
what she wants and what she's happy about, I believe."

-JB Kang, Founder & CEO


HYPONIC founder,
JB Kang wanted to create a new standard of safety and transparency in high-end, premium pet care products.

A shampoo brand just for pets created using only high quality ingredients with zero harmful chemicals and toxins labeled with murky ingredients that would only exacerbate the skin problems with pets that had sensitive skin, like his own.

Our founder's dog known as Woongja - AKA Korea's beloved real-life star dog- had suffered skin issues, later developing a malignant tumor that led to the amputation of her ear and eventually succumbing to skin cancer.

With his heart set on developing a pet care brand with the same level of standard that Korea's leading cosmetic industry had to offer people, he collaborated with one of the nation's leading cosmetic manufacturers.
Through years of his dedicated study and research, HYPONIC Hypoallergenic Shampoo was born.

Today, HYPONIC is the leading premium pet brand in Korea and
was recently dubbed 2020 "Korea's Top Brand" by the prestigious Brand Awards Korea.

As JB recently sat down with producers on the show Woongia had made her television debut on their 1000th commemorative episode,
he expressed the love Woongja had taught him and his happiness that he could share that love she had taught him unto other dogs.

JB Kang lives in Seoul, Korea with his wife, two young daughters, a miniature Poodle and Woongja who lives forever within his heart.

CEO greeting

I am Woongja's pet guardian, JB kang

It is when I started living with my companion dog, Woongja in 1998, I discovered the potential for a new convergence business model that would integrate contents, products, service and culture in the pet industry.

Woongja was my inspiration to start this business in 2002.

From my own experience, through it's ups and downs the lesson I learned is that I may fall down because of the people but it is because of the people I can rise up again.

It is through this lesson, Koona ENT. was established.
My goal and vision is to establish an enterprise that thrives and grows among these people who inspire and truly bring out the best in one another.

Koona ENT's core value is the people.
Our company is comprised of animal loving experts in every field who work in collaboration with endless commitment to the health, well-being and happiness of all our furry companion pets and animals.

We are dedicated to our role to contribute to the happiness and welfare of all our companion animals.

I'd like to share in the journey and growth of Koona ENT and to all those devoted to enhancing the welfare of our animal loving friends.