HYPONIC Hinoki Cypress Detangling Mist (for all pets_delicate scent)


HYPONIC Hinoki Cypress Detangling Mist (for all pets_delicate scent)

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The natural spray HYPONIC, with a delicate scent, moisturizes and strengthens pets' fur, facilitating gentle combing and preventing the formation of knots. It also reduces static electricity and adds shine to the coat. The formula of the spray contains water from Chamaecyparis Obtusa which has pronounced antiseptic properties and activates the metabolism. Thanks to royal jelly extract and ginseng root, the spray restores damaged hair, improves the structure of the hair coat and gives it shine and suppleness. It is recommended to apply the spray to damp fur immediately after bathing and comb through gently with your fingers or a brush. It can also be used between baths to make coat detangling easier.

The HYPONIC detangling spray was awarded a “Very Good” rating by the independent dermatological institute Dermatest. The Dermatest seal guarantees the safety and effectiveness of the product.