Hypoallergenic, Waterless Shampoo


Hypoallergenic, Waterless Shampoo

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Hypoallergenic, no-rinse foam shampoo HYPONIC is designed to quickly clean pets' coats. The formula was developed without the use of aggressive surfactants for gentle cleaning and does not require rinsing. The shampoo is convenient when traveling, when it is not possible to completely bathe the four-legged friend, or in cases where the fur needs to be locally cleaned (for example, to remove dirt from the paws after a walk). The product contains Chamaecyparis Obtusa water, which has powerful antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. The foam shampoo effectively deals with dirt and, thanks to plant extracts, it also takes care of the pet's skin and fur:

- Monarda leaf extract relieves inflammation and improves the regeneration of damaged skin areas.

- The freesia extract gives softness to the skin and fur and makes combing easier.

- Rosemary leaf extract soothes irritated skin, reduces the risk of infections and promotes coat strength.

- The Acorus Calamus Root Extract tones the skin, eliminates dandruff and restores metabolic processes in the hair bulb.

- The ginseng root extract has an antioxidant effect and increases the elasticity of the skin.