Hyponic for Show, Cypress Water Shampoo
Hyponic for Show, Cypress Water Shampoo
Hyponic for Show, Cypress Water Shampoo


Hyponic for Show, Cypress Water Shampoo

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The HYPONIC for SHOW "Volume" dog shampoo was developed for exceptional results at dog shows. This premium class of professional shampoo line is popular among dog groomers worldwide due to the high product quality and wow factor. It effectively removes dirt and contains optimal doses of ribwort plantain water, which has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and tonic properties. The professional shampoo restores the natural color of the coat, gives it incredible volume, emphasizes the texture and significantly shortens the drying time, making the styling process easier. The complex of plant extracts nourishes and revitalizes the pet's coat and skin:

- Ginseng root extract has antioxidant properties and increases skin elasticity;

- Licorice root extract reduces inflammation and relieves itching;

- Marsh calamus root extract tones the skin, restores the metabolic process in the hair bulb and eliminates dandruff;

- Chamomile flower extract relieves itching and soothes sensitive skin;

- Tragacanth root extract strengthens the skin and increases its elasticity.

For smooth, voluminous and silky fur, also use the HYPONIC for SHOW Conditioner.