Hyponic for Show, Milk Protein Conditioner
Hyponic for Show, Milk Protein Conditioner
Hyponic for Show, Milk Protein Conditioner


Hyponic for Show, Milk Protein Conditioner

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The professional dog conditioner HYPONIC for SHOW was developed for exceptional results at exhibitions. Instead of filtered water, we use hydrolyzed milk protein as a key component: it penetrates into each hair and strengthens it from the inside, restoring damaged areas and giving strength and elasticity to the coat. The conditioner facilitates styling and helps create lasting volume while moisturizing and protecting skin and coat from the negative influences of the environment. It contains a variety of botanical extracts and oils that deal with tangles and add shine:

- Ginseng root extract has an antioxidant effect and increases skin elasticity;

- Extract from the root of the Chinese rhubarb plant soothes irritations;

- Licorice root extract relieves inflammation and itching;

- Extract from the root of the Ayr plant tones the skin, restores the metabolic process in the hair bulb and eliminates dandruff;

- Chamomile flower extract relieves itching and soothes sensitive skin;

- Chinese tragacanth root extract strengthens the skin and increases its elasticity;

- Sunflower seed oil has an emollient effect, restores the skin's natural barrier function and protects against the effects of UV radiation;

- Olive oil retains moisture in the coat, gives shine and elasticity;

- Argan oil fights dandruff and makes the coat smooth and shiny.