Hyponic Pro Shampoo, Cleansing & Volumizing
Hyponic Pro Shampoo, Cleansing & Volumizing


Hyponic Pro Shampoo, Cleansing & Volumizing

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The HYPONIC PRO dog shampoo "Cleanse and Volume" effectively removes dirt from the skin and fur of dogs. It contains deep cleansing surfactants, the balanced humectant glycerin and polymers that reduce static and create impressive volume. In addition, it contains a complex of herbal extracts:

- Jujube fruit extract additionally refreshes the skin and coat;

- Chlorella vulgaris extract has antibacterial, moisturizing and antioxidant properties;

- Mint extract refreshes, soothes the skin and fights dandruff;

- The wheat germ extract moisturizes the skin and coat, gives shine and elasticity.

For smooth, voluminous and silky fur, also use the HYPONIC PRO Conditioner.